When was the last time you thoroughly tested your alarms system? Did all of the sensors work, does the battery take over in the event of a mains failure? How long does you sounder go off for? Can anyone hear it? If you pay for monitoring, are they getting the call and how quickly do they respond?

Having your system checked every 12 months will make sure that all of the essential components are functioning correctly and in the unfortunate event that an intruder enters your property it will work as you require it to. Maybe you have a system installed that either does not work, you have lost the key or the access code or you simply do not know how to activate it. We can help.

Wherever possible we will work with the existing components, however sometimes new components are required and we will always provide fair and realistic advice on how to maintain and improve a system.

Our fees are a reasonable and affordable. This is why so many people trust us to look after their systems.

Why not give us a call, to see what we can do for you?