The modern CCTV systems that Fosse Security supply are full colour, high quality and high resolution, producing sharp and clear images that are recorded to high capacity recorders that can be accessed not only locally but also securely via the internet on laptops, tablets and even smart phones. We can offer a comprehensive range of high resolution colour and infra red cameras that will work in any situation.

We can supply small systems with 2 or 3 cameras up to large commercial installations with a multitude of cameras and display screens. Installation is often a combination of wired and wireless depending upon distance and accessibility. We will always install systems with the minimum of disruption to your premises we will treat you home as we would our own.

We have supplied systems for schools, retirement homes, private residences, offices, shops, stables and commercial premises. Fosse Security will plan and design a system to meet your specific requirements, choosing suitable cameras and lenses with the correct technical specifications. Most installations start with a site survey, where we will advise you on the best position for your cameras gaining you maximum coverage with minimum equipment installation and cost.

We will always be happy to maintain your system after installation, making sure it works as well as it did on the first day, every day. Every system automatically get 12 months comprehensive parts and labour warranty.